SOEN7481 Fall 2018

Week1 : Course Overview (Sept4)

Intro to Testing and Verification

Week2 : Course Overview (Sept11)


Assignment-related paper: Simple testing

Assignment-related paper: FindBugs

Slides on static analysis and simple testing

Slides on DBChecker

Week3 : Bug Detection (Sept18)
PR-Miner: automatically extracting implicit programming rules and detecting violations in large software code
Tricorder: Building a Program Analysis Ecosystem
Why don’t software developers use static analysis tools to find bugs

Week4 : Quality Assurance in Continuous Integration (Sept25)
An Empirical Analysis of Flaky Tests
What Causes My Test Alarm? Automatic Cause Analysis for Test Alarms in System and Integration Testing
DeFlaker: Automatically Detecting Flaky Tests

Week5 : Project Proposal due on Monday midnight (2-page ACM conference format) (Oct2)
Project proposal presentation (10 minutes + 10 minutes discussion)

Week6 : Quality Assurance for Database-Centric Applications (Oct9)
Testing Database-Centric Applications For Causes of Database Deadlocks
How not to structure your database-backed web applications: a study of performance bugs in the wild
Finding and Evaluating the Performance Impact of Redundant Data Access for Applications that are Developed Using Object-Relational Mapping Frameworks

Week7 : Fault Localization Assignment due on Friday midnight (5-page ACM conference format) (Oct16)
Improving Bug Localization using Structured Information Retrieval
Evaluating and improving fault localization
Locating Causes of Program Failures

Week8 : Performance testing (Oct23)
Catch Me If You Can: Performance Bug Detection in the Wild
Analytics-Driven Load Testing: An Industrial Experience Report on Load Testing of Large-Scale Systems
Continuous Validation of Load Test Suites

Week9 : Project update (Oct30)
Project update presentation (10 min presentation + 10 min questions)

Week10 : Log Analysis (Nov6)
Detecting large-scale system problems by mining console logs
SherLog: Error Diagnosis by Connecting Clues from Run-time Logs
Assisting Developers of Big Data Analytics Applications When Deploying on Hadoop Clouds

Week11 : Fuzz Testing (Nov13)
DeepTest: Automated Testing of Deep-Neural-Network-driven Autonomous Cars
Billions and Billions of Constraints: Whitebox Fuzz Testing in Production
Better Test Cases for Better Automated Program Repair

Week12 : In-class exam (Nov20)

Week13 : Project presentation (Nov27)