Week 1: Course Overview

Course Overview

Week 2: Course overview continued
Simple Testing Can Prevent Most Critical Failures: An Analysis of Production Failures in Distributed Data-intensive Systems
Ding Yuan, Yu Luo, Xin Zhuang, Guilherme Rodrigues, Xu Zhao, Yongle Zhang, Pranay U. Jain, and Michael Stumm
Assignment Slides
Examples of DevOps Research
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Week 3: Log Analysis
Automatic Identification of Load Testing Problems
Zhen Ming Jiang, Ahmed E. Hassan, Parminder Flora, and Gilbert Hamann
Detecting Large-Scale System Problems by Mining Console Logs
Wei Xu, Ling Huang, Armando Fox, David Patterson, Michael Jordan
Learning to Log: Helping Developers Make Informed Logging Decisions
Jieming Zhu, Pinjia He, Qiang Fu, Hongyu Zhang, Michael R. Lyu, Dongmei Zhang
Pensieve: Non-Intrusive Failure Reproduction for Distributed Systems using the Event Chaining Approach
Yongle Zhang, Serguei Makarov, Xiang Ren, David Lion, and Ding Yuan
Improving Software Diagnosability via Log Enhancement
Ding Yuan, Jing Zheng, Soyeon Park, Yuanyuan Zhou, and Stefan Savage
Week 4: Performance Counters and Measurements
An Industrial Case Study of Automatically Identifying Performance Regression-Causes
Thanh H. D. Nguyen, Meiyappan Nagappan, Ahmed E. Hassan, Mohamed Nasser, and Parminder Flora
Rigorous Benchmarking in Reasonable Time
Tomas Kalibera, and Richard Jones
Leveraging Performance Counters and Execution Logs to Diagnose Memory-Related Performance Issues
Mark D. Syer, Zhen Ming Jiang, Meiyappan Nagappan, Ahmed E. Hassan, Mohamed Nasser and Parminder Flora
Week 5: Project Proposal Presentation
Project proposal DUE Wednesday night 11:59 pm (2 pages ACM report)
Week 6: Performance Engineering
Understanding Database Performance Inefficiencies in Real-world Web Applications
Cong Yan, Junwen Yang, Alvin Cheung, and Shan Lu
Toddler: Detecting Performance Problems via Similar Memory-Access Patterns
Adrian Nistor, Linhai Song, Darko Marinov, and Shan Lu
Detecting performance anti-patterns for applications developed using object-relational mapping
Tse-Hsun Chen, Weiyi Shang, Zhen Ming Jiang, Ahmed E. Hassan, Mohamed Nasser, and Parminder Flora
Statistical Debugging for Performance Problems
Linhai Song Shan Lu
CARAMEL: Detecting and Fixing Performance Problems That Have Non-Intrusive Fixes
Adrian Nistor, Po-Chun Chang, Cosmin Radoi, Shan Lu
Week 7: Mid-term Break
Assignment DUE (Sunday Feb 25, 11:59PM) -- (5 page ACM report)
Week 8: Empirical studies on data from large-scale software systems
Characterising Logging Practices in Open-Source Software
Ding Yuan, Soyeon Park, and Yuanyuan Zhou
Studying the Relationship between Logging Characteristics and the Code Quality of Platform Software
Weiyi Shang, Meiyappan Nagappan, Ahmed E. Hassan
Understanding and detecting real-world performance bugs
Guoliang Jin, Linhai Song, Xiaoming Shi, Joel Scherpelz, Shan Lu
Week 9: Project Update Presentation
Project Update Presentation (10 min presentation + 10 minutes question)
Week 10: Configuration
Hey, You Have Given Me Too Many Knobs!
Tianyin Xu, Long Jin, Xuepeng Fan, Yuanyuan Zhou, Shankar Pasupathy, and Rukma Talwadker
Which Configuration Option Should I Change?
Sai Zhang and Michael D. Ernst.
Optimizing the Performance-Related Configurations of Object-Relational Mapping Frameworks Using a Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm
Ravjot Singh, Cor-Paul Bezemer, Weiyi Shang and Ahmed E. Hassan
AutoBash: Improving Configuration Management with Operating System Causality Analysis
Ya-Yunn Su, Mona Attariyan, and Jason Flinn
Week 11: Debugging ultra-large-scale systems
Debugging in the (Very) Large: Ten Years of Implementation and Experience
Kirk Glerum, Kinshuman Kinshumann, Steve Greenberg, Gabriel Aul, Vince Orgovan, Greg Nichols, David Grant, Gretchen Loihle, and Galen Hunt
Extrinsic Influence Factors in Software Reliability: A Study of 200,000 Windows Machines
Christian Bird, Venkatesh-Prasad Ranganath, Thomas Zimmermann, Nachiappan Nagappan, Andreas Zeller
Performance Debugging in the Large via Mining Millions of Stack Traces
Shi Han, Yingnong Dang, Song Ge, Dongmei Zhang, and Tao Xie
Week 12: Good Friday
Week 13, 14: Project Presentations
Project Presentation DUE (20 mins presentation)

Project Report DUE (10 page IEEE report)